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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Long Live India ,Healthily!

A number of blogs, websites, facebook pages are all talking the long and short of health and wellness .Today  globally Indian ancient cultural practices ,foods and eating practices are being looked for answers  for attaining the perfect ‘wellness’ quotient and prevent life style diseases in people .A small insight into this!

                                 We have   Ayurveda,the ancient Indian medicine which deals with the body  than the disease in healing patients. It has laid very clear guidelines of how to prevent these diseases with relevant life style and food style changes. Yoga is another preventive healthcare tool used greatly in the west as a part of any wellness programme.
When we look at the ancient food practices in India,it is evident from their food culture that they were  eating a fruit and vegetable rich diet.Mostly they were homegrown ,organic produce;the climate and a non-polluted ecosystem certainly had contributed to a healthy living.
                            The diversity of food culture in India also contributes to an array of Indian cuisine that always have a health tag to it.A Kasmiri Pulav from Kashmir is equally tasty, as Kozhukattai(stemed stuffed balls) from deep south.It is due to this mosaic culture of India with extreme contradictions in its geography,culture,language and traditions has triggered many researches on Indian food culture and customs finding answers for wellness foods.
                        Also,not to forget the various Indian festivals which carry rich fervor, happiness and great food  with them.Take  Baishaki,the festival of harvest celebrated in the land of Punjab or the Pongal celebrated in Tamilnadu,they are all traditional festivals carrying  a distinct flavour of the season and includes dishes from seasonal fresh crops of fruits and vegetables,pulses and cereals .We could sample a ’Green manago pachadi’ made during the festival of New year in South India or the Puran Poli  in Maharashtra,these dishes have an underlying message of tradition,culture,health and spirituality all connected by food.

'Cook you own food ' seems to be a wellness tip ,now preached worldwide. As Indians we have been eating only home cooked food for a long time now.The culture of’eating out’ is perhaps five decades old in India and ‘fast food’(read Junk) is just 2 decade old.So most of our household still cook and eat their food- an important tool to live healthily and prevent 80% of Life style disorders.

So,Indians have everything as a part of their life style and food style to prevent majority of lifestyle diseases but the stats show an alarmingly different picture.
   I am also worried is that we are still a starving nation.At one  end we are talking of food wastage in the ‘big’ fat Indian weddings and on the other hand I know there is village that is starving.Urban child obesity is going to be biggest challenges the medical fraternity will be  facing in the coming years and our government is running,’save from malnutrition programme’ on the other side.

So in India ,it is a two sided  problem.

We must look at parallel solutions that will benefit all our citizens equally.It is simply in getting back to roots.The solutions can however be customised in accordance to modern day living.

                   An Indian village still represents a'perfect health ecosystem' So,preventive healthcare has been in our traditional Indian culture.A prosperous India that was ,we had everything unpolluted.We had fresh food to eat all made with natural materials-organic,a clean environment to live,customs and traditions that gave almost a stress-free lifestyle ,grandma’s medicines were superior to a  pharmacy-all natural with zero chemicals and a spiritual connection in every aspect of life....

Now that does sound like a’new age’ health mantra on which a billion dollar industry is already in the making.

Long live India-healthily!

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